If you're a Google user on the Internet, then I suppose one could say that you have Google on the brain, metaphorically.  Google has impressed us all with glasses that enable a wearer to see the Internet via their framed eye wear.  Now the concept of Google eye wear takes another leap forward.  Brace yourself...Google contacts!

Yes, it may not be long before you'll have Google on your eyeballs, literally!  Google has filed a patent for a prototype contact lens that would allow wearers to see things virtually and what a wearer would see would be controlled by the blinking of the eyes.  (Maybe they could even look patriotic with United States Flags on them like in the picture!)

I have been a contact wearer since I was ten years old, but never did I think that this type of technology would be born!  How incredible is this?  Just when I've been forced to wear glasses instead of contacts, this incredible technology is developing - dagnab it!

Maybe it works out for the best.  After all, look at all the people (maybe you!) who are totally consumed by their smartphones, constantly looking down and being distracted, not paying attention to what's going on around them.  Now, with Google glasses, people could walk around as if they know where they're going; yet, so distracted with their glasses that they may walk out in front of traffic.  With Google contacts on the horizon, will our mammalian brains be able to handle the overload of information that's streaming through our eyes?

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