Break out your chopsticks, and get ready to dine as Wasabi has announced plans for an Evansville location on Burkhardt Road!

The Evansville 411 Facebook page was the first to report the development:

The restaurant already has a location in Owensboro on Southtown Road just east of Frederica Street.

Finding information on exactly what the restaurant provides has proven a bit difficult, so just going off the sign pictured above, I'd say it would be like Roppongi and Panda Express had a baby. By that I mean, if you're in a hurry, you can swing through the drive through, however, if you have time to sit and enjoy a meal, they have that option as well.

As noted by Evansville 411, the new restaurant will be located at the intersection of Burkhardt and Vogel Roads in front of The Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market, which is currently under construction.

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