As a group of co-workers walked past my office, I overheard them say it was "Boss' Day." Crap, it's Boss' Day. I didn't get them flowers or chocolates... I AM going to the DG later, mark that on my list.

All jokes aside, I happen to be one of the lucky ones who actually enjoys the company of her supervisors. I haven't always been. Some of my bosses have been real stinkers. I could tell you stories, but I won't. At the time, my horrible bosses were, indeed, horrible. But, they made me appreciate the leadership team I have now.

So, yes, you read that right... THEM. I have two local bosses: LaDonne Craig and Chad Benefield. You might be thinking, "Girl, I can hardly handle ONE boss. How do you handle two?" Simple... they actually lead our team. They are positive examples and they make work enjoyable.

Okay, now I know what else you are thinking... You got some brown on my nose. That's a really disgusting metaphor if you think about it. Yack. Actually, I'm being completely honest.

Chad and I circa 1998. Don't be jealous of our good looks.

I have known Chad for... cough... TWENTY years. I met Chad when I was a Freshman at Daviess County High School. He was my high school musical choreographer. Before high schoolers were twerking, we did the "shapoopie." It's not nearly as cool as you are imagining. I am pretty sure it was a version of the Charleston but we were all wearing ill-fitted 1800s garb. Gah, nerd alert.

Chad was a force, even back then. Everyone from the kids, to the teachers, and even parents LOVED them some Chad. Boundless energy and a passion for... well, whatever he was doing that day, that hour, that minute.

Chad wrote for me when I was the editor of a local magazine. I loved getting his monthly movie reviews. They were pretty much unlike anything I'd ever read before. The words "good," "great," or "okay" were never in the man's vocabulary. He is and was an editor's DREAM.

Chad and I during a very emotional moment last winter.

Fast-forward to this millennium, I remember the day they told me Chad was going to be my new boss. I couldn't explode with excitement right there, so I did it privately. Chad trusts me, offers encouragement, is understanding about personal matters, and not only listens to my concerns but helps me with finding solutions. And, pretty much anyone on this team will tell you the same thing. You know you have the best boss when you go to the dermatologist to get a bump checked and when he asks, "Why are you here," you respond with, "My boss made me come in." He cares. My daughter even calls him "Uncle Tad."

Me and my unicorn!

My other boss, LaDonne, gets being a working mom who can't possibly have her shit together all the time. One time, I couldn't find a babysitter for a semi-corporate dinner so I had to bring my daughter with me. She sat on LaDonne's lap and ate her food throughout the dinner. Srsly... Who does that? Later that night, my daughter told me, "I just love that LaDonne. I love her face." Who's the brown noser now?

LaDonne knows the personal and professional dealings of each one of her employees on both sides of the river (IN and KY) and works with us to make sure we have balance in all facets of our lives. She encourages our creative endeavors and sets the stage for a positive work environment. And, believe me... it's hard being the manager of people, especially creative people. We are messy and complicated and emotional and kind of neurotic.

These two cultivate a family atmosphere through employee volunteer days, company outings, potlucks, snacks, fresh fruits and veggies for our family, and positive day-to-day discussions. You feel valued as an employee. And, they dig down and get in the trenches with us. Who else would dress up like a unicorn and go to the studios at 6:30 in the morning to wish her staff a good day? Who else would admit to peeing the bed, or throws cow poop on video just for a laugh? All I can say is, MINE DO!

What do you love about your bosses? Tell us in the comments below!


Does this look like a Mr. LaDonne? NO!  Ashley S