When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. That's a great reminder when a winter storm cruises through your area and you're left with a ton of snow. One Midwest pet owner made lemonade (so to speak) by creating a sweet snow run for his dog.

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According to the video description, Andi Bennett is a Midwestern wedding photographer. She asked her boyfriend, Joe Estrada, to shovel the backyard. Joe decided to take Andi's request and go the extra mile for their dachshund. This is the result of that amazing effort.

If you have a dog with low clearance like Joe and Andi's dachshund, you understand the struggle is real when it comes to convincing the animal to go outside after a big snow. Not a problem for Joe as he made the storm results into a snow maze of Olympic quality. If there was such a thing as dog bobsled, their dachshund could be an Olympian.

Kudos to both Joe and Andi for turning a Midwestern snow storm into playtime for their dog. You both win winter.

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