Mesker Zoo got a not so tiny addition this week!

Meet Clementine! She's a 10 month old giraffe that just arrived from Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri. She was around 6 feet tall at birth (so she's already got me beat for the rest of my life, height-wise), and currently stands at 10 feet tall (because she really didn't want any of us catching up to her.)

Her mother is a Rothschild giraffe, and her father is a Reticulated giraffe.

Dr. Carrie Ullmer
Dr. Carrie Ullmer

Currently, she is not available to be ogled at by the public yet. She's completing her quarantine (which is standard for all new animals that come to the zoo). Once this quarantine period is over however, she will be with Mesker Park's current giraffe's Kiah and Kizzie, and the zebras, in the giraffe yard.

[Giraffes] have been going through a silent crisis in the past few years in that their numbers in the wild have decreased dramatically with little notice. Threats include habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation, population growth, and poaching. AZA-accredited zoos and their partners are working collectively to help save giraffes through education, scientific research, fieldwork, public awareness and action.

-Evansville Zoological Society / Mesker Park Zoo

Hopefully Clementine will be finished with her quarantine in the next few weeks and you can go see this (not so) little baby beauty in person at Mesker Park Zoo!

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