*Pictured above is Cane, he's two years old and available for adoption through Humane Society of Henderson County. More info on him, here!*

In the Tri-State we're lucky  to have many great rescues and shelters who work hard to take care of homeless animals in our community.  The Humane Society of Henderson County and Henderson County Animal Control are a couple of those great shelters, but make sure you're following the right Henderson shelters online!

Did you know there's a Henderson, Nevada?  True story! While I'm sure it's a super nice place, and the City of Henderson Animal Control does great work in their community, just be aware that's not our Henderson.  I've seen so many friends on Facebook share adorable pets from the Henderson, Nevada shelter and not our local one.  Which you may wonder, is it that big of a deal? So here's the thing, social media is such a juggernaut these days that many of our local shelters and rescues rely on the shares they get on their animals online to help them find homes for them.  So here's how to make sure you're following the correct Henderson animal shelter on Facebook.

City of Henderson Animal Care and Control on Facebook is NOT Henderson, Kentucky.  It is Henderson, Nevada. You can click here to go to this page, and  if you're following it you can unfollow so you make sure you're following the correct Henderson. Again, this is not to have an issue with this shelter, it's just so you can make sure you're following the correct local shelters.

Humane Society of Henderson County Kentucky on Facebook  and Henderson County KY Animal Control pages on Facebook ARE our local Henderson (who knew I could say "Henderson" so many times in one article?).  Click here to go to our local Henderson, Kentucky Humane Society Facebook page and click here to go to Henderson County Kentucky Animal Control's page  so you can follow both of their pages and make sure you're not following the wrong one.

Remember sharing local shelters posts, and helping them get the word out about adoptable animals in their care is a great (and free) way you can help our local shelters and rescues out.  If you're looking for a furry family member for your home, please also consider adopting one.

Here's some great places to rescue your next best friend in the Tri-State!

If I forgot any, don't hesitate to let me know! I'm happy to keep this list updated!


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