One of the things that make our camping get-together the best ever is the food. We go all out to turn the stereotypical camp food into glamp food. There might be a little competition too. But, a little completion means some great food.

We usually plan a themed meal, one on Saturday night. On our last camping trip, we planned themed meals for both Friday and Saturday. I'm telling you, on Saturday we did Chinese and it was better than any restaurant. And, as far as dessert, I knew it would be Quenton's birthday cake, so I didn't really try anything new or out of the ordinary. No one wants to ruin a birthday with a cake nobody likes, including the birthday boy. So, I made him a chocolate cake with white icing, and our granddaughter Norah, decorated it with a TON of sprinkles. Delicious and cute.

But on Friday night, I wanted to make strawberry/blueberry shortcake with whipped cream. Seems quick and easy enough, I even bought an angel food cake from the store. Little did I know that someone else was going all out with a Carmel Apple Twix dessert. That is when the competitive side of me took over.

I quickly looked through my camper cupboard and found brownie mix and a cooker light bulb went off. I also had strawberries, chocolate sauce, and Cool Whip. I call it Love Brownies.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

To make Love Brownies, simply make the brownies as directed on the box and bake. When you take the brownies out of the oven, drizzle with Nestles Chocolate Quick Syrup while it's still hot. Then let it cool completely. While it cools, slice the strawberries and put the sliced strawberries in the fridge.

When the brownies are completely cool, spread a thick layer of Cool Whip on the top of the brownies and arrange the sliced strawberries on top of the Cool Whip. Finally, drizzle with more chocolate syrup and serve.

It was a HUGE hit. Everyone LOVED the Love Brownies.

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