Big storms like we had last night can scare pets. I mean it kind of scared me so I can't imagine being a dog or cat and having no idea what kind of sorcery has descended upon your home. Fight or flight sets in and since there's nothing to fight - several animals flee.

Of course, you should always take them to the local veterinarian or humane society to have them scanned for a microchip. If they aren't chipped, one of the best ways to find a lost pet or find the owner of a found pet is Facebook. Here are some local groups to check.

There are also animal control/shelters here in the tristate that might have picked up your pet.

Vanderburgh Humane Society
(812) 426-2563

Animal Rescue Service
(812) 909-1306

Vanderburgh Animal Control Service
(812) 435-6015

Warrick County Animal Control
(812) 897-6107

Spencer County Humane Society
(812) 362-8480

Owensboro Animal Control
(270) 685-8275

Ohio County Animal Shelter
(270) 298-4499

Posey County Animal Control
(812) 838-8362

Humane Society of Henderson
(270) 826-8966

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