What is this we find in the remote Illinois woods? Well, it just happens to be an abandoned observatory that one brave explorer recently shared video of.

The usual disclaimers apply here. If you investigate a place like this, you need to make sure it's not private property. Also note that it could be dangerous, so do things like this only at your own risk and maybe don't do them at all.

Here's how this guy on YouTube described the facility:

This now abandoned observatory was built in 1969 and was in use till 1981 and has been abandoned since. Built by the University of Illinois. In April 1981 the telescope that was inside this observatory was moved to San Diego State University.

Interesting backstory. Now, let's look at what he found inside: (NOTE: it's worth mentioning that the graffiti on the inside contains bad words and bad tastes. Someone find the people that did this and take their spray paint away)

Ignoring all the stupid graffiti, the best part to me was the area near the top where the telescope was mounted and being able to imagine what it must have been like on a clear night when that roof was open to observe the heavens.

He doesn't give out the exact location of where he found this and that's probably for the better since plenty of people have already trashed the place. Still, it's a fascinating glimpse at what used to be a sky watcher deep in the Illinois woods.

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