Come support Volunteer Owensboro Saturday December 8th at 7pm with a Lanham Brothers Jamboree Christmas Show. Guests include "Miss Kentucky" Katie Bouchard, Kings Highway, Rollie Pike, Cathy and Tommy Mullins, Skylar Cain, Jeff Hardesty, Leland Isbill, and Wayne Morris.

All proceeds from the show will help support Volunteer Owensboro, a non profit organization that helps support and connect people with volunteer opportunities. Through community outreach, events, and education awareness programs such as public service announcements, contests, marketing and more, they partner with non-profit organizations to help get the word out to the community about those in need and volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer Owensboro also provides free assistance to local 501c3 non-profits that help people in need. Our services include; video promotion, PSA’s, jingles, live music and sound for events, marketing and promotion, etc.

VolunTour Kentucky TV Show on KET KY spotlights non-profits around Kentucky and their volunteering needs as host Randy Lanham walks in the shoes of a volunteer for a day. We are now filming 12 episodes for session one to start broadcast in December 2018.

Here is a link for the KET KY schedule

Annual Fundraiser Lanham Brothers Jamboree Christmas Show on Saturday, December 8th 7pm at Diamond Lake Resort. The show is packed with local talent and a great time for the whole family.
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