One of the largest wars in Earth's history is World War II, one that America had no intentions of being involved in, or so we were told. We have been told for years that America wanted to stay out of the Second World War, they may have been helping with goods and such, but had no plans to fight. America was forced to join after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and we know the rest of the story, but what if that isn't the whole truth.

The Waugoshance Lighthouse is located in the northern part of Lake Michigan and is said to have some historic ties to World War Two. Legend has it, that this wasn't just a normal lighthouse that sailors used to make it to shore safely, but instead was also used by the military for testing. No, Marines weren't jumping into the lake from the top instead planes were the test subjects.

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During World War II this part of Lake Michigan and the lighthouse were used as an ammunition test site. The Military was flying over the lake and aiming at the light on the lighthouse to test out various forms of plane ammunition. I couldn't imagine how difficult it must have been to fly a plane, then fly over Lake Michigan, and then aim right at a light that is probably blinding you. Nonetheless, it's cool that Michigan has this piece of history to hang on to.

As of right now, the lighthouse is still standing but is not being used. Many people have expressed interest in wanting it to return to its functioning ways, but there are a few problems with that. One is that there is some ordnance around the lighthouse from the ammunition testing during the Second World War, but there's also a more serious problem at hand.

As the water continues to crash against the rocks, global warming continues to wreck our planets, and no plans for reconstruction there is only a matter of time before the Waugoshance Lighthouse ceases to exist. The current state of the lighthouse is fine, but as time wears on the lighthouse is eroding into Lake Michigan one stone at a time. Our great state may eventually lose this historical landmark and masterpiece.

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