It's not new and there's a sensible explanation for it, but people are going out of their minds over huge rolling ice balls in Lake Michigan.

Before I throw actual science at you, this is the video that has been shared like a zillion times today on Facebook. It's big ice balls and they're...rolling.

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Atlas Obscura is one of the many sites which has documented big ice balls on bodies of water (e.g. - Lake Michigan). Here's their synopsis of what's going on:

Ice boulders form when cold chunks break from ice sheets, and the movements of a lake’s waves sculpt those pieces into rounder shapes. The balls can also accrue more layers of ice, growing large.

It's not aliens. It's not a government conspiracy and it happens virtually every single year. Why the fuss? Well, it's the end of January and you have several decisions to make. You can A) face the reality that we're not even halfway through winter or B) you can share ice ball videos with your friends and use every metaphor you learned in 3rd grade. I totally understand why everyone seems to be choosing option B today.

However, no reason for alarm. It's huge ice balls and yes, they are rolling on Lake Michigan today. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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