It's no secret that I love dogs. I have two and if it weren't for my husband, I would have 50. I have often loved the labradoodles or the golden-doodles but now I am second guessing the mixed breed.

Creator of the labradoodle, Wally Conron, has stated "I opened a Pandora box and released a Frankenstein monster." While I find that statement a bit terse, clearly something has angered him about the crossbreed.

The inventor of the labradoodle, you know the mopheaded/ now designer dog is one of his life's regrets. Conron has been credited with sparking a crossbreeding frenzy resulting in breeds like shih poos, puggles, of course the labradoodle. In the beginning, the labradoodle was intended to be a guide dog, not a fashion accessory. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Conron said, "I bred the labradoodle for a blind lady whose husband was allergic to dog hair."

Conron has no clue as to why people are continuing to breed the two but the labradoodle has become very popular among celebrities and instagrammers. According to Conron, "I find that the biggest majority are either crazy or have a hereditary problem." On the other hand, Amy Murphy, the president of Australian Labradoodle Club of America begs to differ. She said "all dogs are crazy." Of which I have to agree. All dogs have different personalities and it depends on how you raise them. Based in Denver, Ms. Murphy has been breeding labradoodles for over a decade. Of course there will be ups and downs. She stated, "they are quirky and fun-loving, but don't like to be left alone."

I think every dog has their own quirks and their own personality. I even know several people who have labradoodles who love them and say they are the best dogs. Maybe the creator, Wally Conron is a bit exaggerating and could have had his own terrible experience but I stand behind, it's all how you raise them.

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