Several counties across the Tri-State have issued burn bans for their residents due to the extremely dry conditions from the lack of significant rainfall over the past few weeks. Warrick County issued one earlier this week, and now Vanderburgh County has added their name to the list.

The Evansville/Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency announced the ban Thursday on Facebook.

According to the ban, residents cannot start fires in burn barrels, on open ground, or in "chimineas, patio fire pits, or similar devices." Burning wood that has been "painted, stained, glued, or treated, or burning paper, plastic, trash, or leaves" is also forbidden during the ban. And, if you were thinking about using fire to clear a ditch, or for some other agricultural purpose, pump the breaks. That's a no-no too.

Violating the ban could not only cause an out of control blaze, it could burn a sizable hole in your wallet too (see what I did there?). Violations will result in fines as low as $50 and as much as $7,500 per violation PER DAY!

What is allowed is firing up the grill and cooking up some burgers, brats, and/or dogs, so feel free to cook away.

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