Blind dates are always scary. Not in the screaming sense, but in the, why did I agree to this? sense. The few blind dates I went on were complete disasters. I wondered if the people who set us up really knew us at all. But, sometimes the unexpected happens and they are pure magic. The sparks fly and love begins to bloom.

Something that is trending all over social media, with photographers, are Stranger Sessions. These sessions kind of remind me of my first meeting with my husband. We met online. Although, we had talked, we where virtually strangers until I could see his face with my own eyes.

In these photo sessions, two TOTAL strangers, models, meet for the first time. The photographer takes photos documenting the whole thing. From anticipation, to first glance to first kiss. Yes, sometimes a kiss happens. The ones I’ve seen have been spark filled and steamy. Check out the session, from four months ago, with Adam and Luci. WOW, just wow.

What Happens When Two County Musicians Do A 'Stranger Session' Photoshoot? Beautiful Music!

Did these two go on a real date? Yes, they did!

So...unfortunately, Adam and Luci are no longer seeing each other, but what a cool way to meet somebody and possibly get a song idea out of it.

Cecily Pierson Photography, out of Madisonville, KY, took these many amazing pics.

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