Some Kentucky students are drunk with anticipation about the prospect of making their own moonshine. Sure, it has been sometime since hardcore drinkers were forced to resort to toilet booze as a means for combating those extremely dry days of the prohibition period, but that isn’t stopping a few select students from revisiting their white lighting heritage at the Moonshine University in Louisville.

The university actually functions under the educational program Distilled Spirits Epicenter, which operates downtown in a 4,000-square foot abandoned auto shop, right next door to Grease Monkey Distillery where the all of the student’s booze is tested.

This distilling class was developed by beverage consultant David Dafoe, and was officially offered to the public last December. Since then, Moonshine University has added additional courses, including classes on food pairing, the aging process and bourbon cocktails.

In addition to classes, Moonshine University also has guest speakers from famous distilleries, like Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey and Brown-Forman, come to their facility to give students some insight into the wonderful world of manufacturing hard liquor.

Anyone interested in signing up for the five-day distiller course should do so quickly - the next one begins June 17-21 2013.

For more information about Moonshine University, click here.

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