Oh my goodness!  This video brings back a ton of childhood memories. Last year here at WBKR.com, I shared a story called Remembering Opryland USA: The Home of American Music.  That blog contained some vintage footage of the park.  Thanks to YouTube, I found some more.  Check this out.  It's a video from the summer of 1988 courtesy of Derek Fugate.  You're going to see footage of some of your favorite rides and attractions from Opryland, including the famous Wabash Cannonball.

Every single time I visit a theme park . . . and it doesn't matter where it is or how awesome it is . . . it always makes me think of and miss Opryland.  I, and a lot of other folks I know, would give anything to go back there just one more time and ride the Grizzly River Rampage or the Tennessee Waltz or the Screamin' Delta Demon or Hangman or the Little Deuce Coupe.

Thankfully, some of Opryland's history is forever preserved online and we all carry pieces of it in our hearts.

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