Massive snowfalls across the country a few weeks ago followed by a quick rise in temperature and the big thaw, along with some heavy rainfall last week have resulted in flooding in and around parts of the Tristate and beyond.

The mighty Ohio River has risen well about its banks and has surpassed flood level. According to the National Weather Service out of Paducah, Kentucky, flood stage for the Ohio River is 40 feet for Evansville and Owensboro and the current flooding measurement in 42.7 feet and 42.3 feet respectively. At Newburgh Dam, flood stage for the Ohio is 38 feet and the current water is at 45.1. The NWS says,

The Flood Warning is extended for the following river in
Ohio River at Owensboro, Newburgh Dam, Evansville, J.T. Myers Dam, Shawneetown, Golconda, Smithland Dam, Paducah, Olmsted Lock and Dam, Cairo. Moderate to minor flooding continues or is forecast along the lower
Ohio River. The Ohio River is cresting at several points, with some locations falling below flood stage later this weekend and over the weekend.

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Now if you live anywhere near the Ohio, you don't need the National Weather Service to tell you that the river is above flood stage. The fields and surrounding areas submerged under water are enough for you to know the Ohio is out of it's banks.

Unfortunately, the flooding has had a dramatic impact on a lot of people, their homes and their properties and parts of Kentucky have been especially hard hit and not just by the Ohio River either. The town of Beattyville, Kentucky has been completely flooded by the Kentucky River.

Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear shared on Twitter details on how Kentucky residents can get assistance with clean up efforts at this time. The Kentucky Floods Cleanup Hotline is available to assist residents who may need help with things like

  • fallen trees
  • drywall or flooring removal
  • mold mitigation
  • roof tarping

You can contact the Kentucky Floods Cleanup Hotline at 800-451-1954. While the services are provided free of charge thanks to relief organizations and community volunteer groups, keep in mind that because of the overwhelming need caused by the flooding, there is no guarantee of services. The hotline does not help with the following,

  • social serives
  • food
  • clothing
  • shelter
  • insurance

Again, if you do need help, you can call the Kentucky Floods Cleanup Hotline at 800-451-1954.

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