Just in the nick of time, here's a unique gift idea!  Enjoy some of your favorite wine and help a worthy cause for It Takes A Village No-Kill Rescue in Evansville!  

It Takes A Village - Wine Benefit- Facebook
It Takes A Village - Wine Benefit- Facebook

A new line of It Takes a Village wines are available today through December 23 featuring the ITV pups.  How sweet!  Some of the ITV puppies including Lulu, Toki, Ruger, and more will be featured on your favorite wines.

You can order Chardonnay's, Merlot's, Cabernet Sauvignon's, Malbec's, Sauvignon Blanc's, and Camenere's with pics of the pups on the labels!  You can order the wines directly from the distributor and shipped for a $15 flat shipping rate.

Order yours today!  Click::   It Takes A Village Wine Benefit.  




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