Guys, as you are well aware, if you asked your wife or girlfriend about your dancing skills, you know what she would say, right? The answer would start with something like, "Weeellll, here's the thing about your dancing........"  I'm sure you can fill in the blank from there.  Well, great news!!  According to science, there really IS a way that we can dance better and in a way that would be more attractive to women...I know, you can thank me later.

The folks at Northumbria University, which, by the way, is an ACTUAL university in England, even though the name sounds totally made up, recently conducted a study on the male dance moves that women like.

As a result of this study, they put together a 3-D model of the best way for men to dance in a way that will have women falling at your feet!  OK, that might be stretching the truth a little, but at least you no longer have to dread that upcoming wedding or dance. Watch this video, and the next time you feel the need to bust a move, just let science take it's course....OH YEAH!!!!


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