Indiana continues proving it is one of the worst states in the country for making money, as a recent study shows that Hoosiers are making about 86 cents for every $1 earned by the average American employee.

In fact, while the earning potential in the Hoosier state has never been exactly optimal, statistics show that it has continued to drastically decline over the course of the past three decades – now ranking 40th in the nation.

Researchers from Ball State University say that the average Hoosier employee is currently earning the same amount as people were in 1996, and in some parts of the state, the situation is even worse -- income levels have managed to stall out around what they were in 1964.

Not only is Indiana proving to be one of the poorest states in the nation, but there does not appear to be much hope for resurgence -- wages have not been able to keep up with the national average for almost 50-years.

Unfortunately, even with the state putting more emphasis on education, college degrees do not seem to be enough to pull Hoosier out of the fiscal slump.

Michael Hicks, director of Ball State’s Center for Business and Economic Research and lead author of this study says that the solution to fixing the income gap is to focus on creating better communities that will attract better companies and ultimately, create better jobs.


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