With Halloween fast approaching, the Indiana State Police are strongly encouraging parents to be extra vigilant this year after one trooper seized candy that was actually marijuana edibles in the northern part of the state.

The candy pictured above was taken over the weekend in Lowell, Indiana, roughly 30 miles south of Gary. As you can see, the packaging is nearly identical to that of the actual Starburst Gummies and Sour Skittles. The brand logos are spitting images of the candy you'll find at a convenience store or at the check out lane of the grocery store, and they even have what appears to be nutritional information in the lower right corner. However, if you look closely, you'll see some noticeable differences. For starters, both packages feature several small marijuana plant icons all over the label, and both have the word, "medicated" above the brand's name. Also notice the triangle in the lower left corner featuring the marijuana plant logo, and exclamation point, and the letters, "CA" underneath. That logo is the official "California Universal Symbol for Cannibas" that was created by that state's government agency responsible for overseeing marijuana commerce after marijuana use became legal in California. So for what it's worth, if the person who had these lived in California, no harm, no foul. But they don't. They live in Indiana, and we're not quite there yet when it comes to legalizing marijuana and marijuana products for recreational use.

Of course not every marijuana edible will be as clearly marked as these two brands which is why State Police are reminding you to inspect each piece of candy your child receives before letting them eat it. A concept that isn't new by any stretch. When I was a kid, authorities encouraged parents to check candy after rumors people were hiding needles or razor blades in candy bars.

Personally, I think the likelihood of this happening is extremely slim. I've never purchased edibles, but from what I understand, they aren't cheap. To buy them for the sole purpose of giving them to child has some sort of Halloween joke is, again in my opinion, highly unlikely. Now, is it possible a someone could get stoned and mistakenly hand them out to a kid. Sure, anything is possible. Which is why it's always important to look over your kid's candy after they make the neighbor hood rounds just to be safe. If anything appears to be tampered with, or looks a little off, throw it out. The world's a crazy place, and after the year its been, there's no telling what could end up in that trick-or-treat bag.

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