We have all had an evil nemesis or two, right? No? Come on. Really? Ok, maybe it's just me. And, as a matter of fact, I HAVE had two. Both started out pretty messy. How did they end up? Well, we discovered we had a lot more in common than we thought.

I'm only going to tell you about one, the other is more grown up and messy. It was in High School and this incredibly beautiful, went to another high school. She literally stole all my boyfriends. Well, not ALL of them, but even one is too many. Right? Now, that we are adults I can respect and admire that, but then, I was losing my mind. It played out like a scene from a sucky romantic comedy every time, where I lost the boy and she walked off into the happy sunset. It's funny looking back on it now, I think we could have been best friends if we had given it a chance. We had the same taste in guys.

I met first of my mortal enemies in middle school. She was cute and blond with perfectly feathered hair. She was in several of my classes, but had way more friends than me. All year, I would see her walking down the hallways or in the locker pit and wish I was as popular and blond as she was. I had braces, she had perfect teeth. I looked like a short stump, she had a budding, petite little figure.

One day, out of the blue, a boy in my homeroom asked me to the formal dance. I was like, YES!!!...I mean...ok. I was very excited because I never thought anybody would ask me to go. Mom and I went shopping and picked out the perfect dress.

A couple of weeks before the dance, I found out that the cute little blond with the perfect hair was telling everyone that SHE was going with MY date to the dance. WHAT?!?! So, just like my daddy taught me, this was going to require a confrontation, during lunch, outside the school. So, it went down, I confronted her.

Turns out, he asked both of us. Jerk! Funny thing happened at that moment of revealing our stories. I liked her, I really liked her. We just clicked. Neither one of us went to the dance with Mike. We had a sleepover at her house and laughed about it the whole night.

Sometimes what seems like competition, turns out to a bunch pf similarities. You share things (not the guys, no way, just interests) that make you relate to one another.

Take Michael Myers (Halloween) and Jason Vorhess (Friday the 13th). It seems like they are in competition for bodies to kill and fans to buy movie tickets. But, if they would only give it a chance, they might find that they would rather be BFF's.

I think Michael Myers of Decatur has just found his friend, soulmate. Looks like even monsters can be friends. LOL

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