I've heard it said that the most successful people aren't limited by what others think of them. That must also apply to mules as I've found one who thinks he's a horse and herds cows. I have video proof of this.

I love this little guy's attitude. He's a boss and he's not going to allow you to tell him otherwise. As the narrator tells it, his dad was a miniature study pony and his mom was a donkey. What does that make him? Well, you won't find a more assertive leader in the pasture. That's for sure.

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YouTube is having a field day with this amazing animal. Here are some of the best comments so far:

Daniel Monaco - "This clearly started as a dare, that damned border collie basically said "I have a harder job than you." and you know...mules..."

William Sparks - "I think you slip an extra carrot or two into his pay envelope"

Michael R Kegg Jr - "Beautiful animal. He takes his job very serious"

I agree with William that this mini-mule needs a pay raise or at least a bonus. He's taken charge of the cows he believes he's responsible for and is doing his job well. Identity crisis? Maybe. A great manager of cows? Absolutely.

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