It never fails... I polish my nails and less than 24 hours later, no matter what kind I use, it's chipped and wearing down. I type at work and do a lot at home so it's going to happen. But, I also use self tanner - so although my nails were nice and long, they were also kind of yellow. UG! I was hanging out at my friend Emily's the other day and her nails were super cute! Some were leopard print and some were pink. And they looked clean and polished.

She told me that she orders nail polish gel strips. I had to try them out. I didn't want to wait on ordering them so I headed over to Walmart to check the nail aisle. There I discovered they had a few different brands and patterns to choose from. I looked at the reviews and went with Dashing Diva. I chose a rose gold glitter that also included three other patterns.

Jeff Mikkelson/Walmart

I took them home and watched a couple tutorials. Basically you wash and dry your hands. Pull off the strip you want and apply it to your nails. Then use the file or a nail clipper to clip the excess away and shape it how you want. At first I tried the file that came with it but I felt like it made the gel strips kind of jagged. The nail clipper worked better and my friend told me she just works the plastic with her index finger until it breaks.

This is my third day to wear them. I have my nail tips pointy so I feel like if they were straighter or even rounded, they would stay on better but the very tips are peeling up. I swam, did dishes, showered, typed, and did everything else I normally do and overall the nails still look great. They took about an hour to apply but my friend told me that it gets easier and faster.

And at Walmart, this brand was only about $4 for the package ($7-9 online) that included 34 strips. Other brands cost up to $20 for a set. I checked their website and they have a lot more options on there. One thing I did notice about this particular brand was that you didn't need a UV light to set them. Some other brands suggest the light - which I don't have. The website said they last up to seven days where others will last up to two weeks. But I really liked them and I will definitely be using them again and can't wait to try all the fun designs!

Here are my nails! The first day I wore them, a few people stopped me and said, "Wow let me see your nails!" So they are definitely flashy and fun!

ashley s
ashley s