I'm sitting here at my desk on a Friday afternoon and I feel like my soul has been sucked out of me, stomped on, and stuffed back down my throat. WHHHYYY do you feel that disgusting, you might ask. Two words: social media.

I work in mass media so it's a requirement of my job to scour social media to dig out gems, pieces of information, and happenings to write about and share with our DJs to talk about on air. Thank God that I work for an awesome media company that encourages us to write about honest, truthful, and positive community stories and places less emphasis on the bedazzled world of sensationalism.

In my hours of scrolling Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I see post after post about peoples' thoughts, feelings, and OPINIONS about every.single.thing. I see nasty comments. I see name calling. I see the absolute worst in people every day. Some of these people (whom I know) hurl hateful comments at me because of my beliefs but do so embedded deep inside stupid memes. They would never be so brazen as to say them to my face but somehow it's okay if it's, ya know, generalized in a meme.

Let me be clear... I do not engage. I keep my opinions to myself because at the end of the day, NEWSFLASH!!! no one cares about your opinion and it will never change anyone else's outlook on social media. A good part of social media has become a breeding ground for trolls who enjoy taking nasty jabs at each other. No thanks.

Today was my breaking point. I've just had enough of the trolls, the relentless opinions, the negativity. It turns my stomach. And, it has been proven that negativity on social media is bad for your physical and mental health. So, I started using my SNOOZE and HIDE button at an alarming rate. Cute baby or puppy - you are safe. Vacation photos - I made a face because I'm super jealous but you too are safe. Politics (no matter what the side you take) - you're outta here! I don't care who you are in my real life. If you share the yuck, you don't belong in my social media life. Sorry - not sorry.

It got me thinking, I wonder if people know about the SNOOZE and HIDE button. I initially used it on a person who kept posting photos of her butt all the time. No, I do not want to see your butt. Thaaaanks anyway. 

All you have to do is click on the three little lines next to someone's name and this pops up. SNOOZE them and you don't see their snide remarks for a whole 30 days! HIDE them and it basically means you are done with them without completely unfriending them. Passive aggressive? Maybe. Do I feel 100% better? Yes.


Don't worry, I didn't discriminate. All Liberal and Conservative facebook pages were hidden today. This was just one that popped up as I was looking for a screen shot to show you! 

And if you are feeling really froggy, like I am right now, you can click on the three dots next to NEWSFEED on the top left corner and go into Preferences. You can hide anyone who you know is a repeat offender. They'll never know and you'll finally get some social media peace!

news feed

At this point, you might think I'm a social media snowflake for muting all the negativity out of my feed. And, that's totally fine. Just keep your opinion about me in your own living room where it belongs. :)

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