Evansville Animal Control, is close to capacity, and unfortunately there doesn't seem an end to the pet crisis.  If you've ever thought about fostering or adopting a pet, maybe Carmelita's story will help you decide! 

My friend Linda volunteers much of her time to local rescues and organizations, and volunteers time at Animal Control where she takes the dogs for walks, and helps give them some much needed attention, and social media exposure.

Photo: Linda Barnes Drake

Yesterday she shared Carmelita, and her story had me in tears. You see Carmelita is young, only 10 months old.  However she was Animal Control's longest resident.  She was past her stray hold, and there were only two empty kennels.  That means when those kennels fill, which they will, Carmelita's time is up.  It's the harsh reality.  Linda said she took Carmelita for a walk, and together she prayed with her that a miracle would happen so this sweet girl wouldn't have to lose her life.

Carmelita with her foster dad! (Photo: Linda Barnes Drake)

Well good news, a friend of Linda's saw Carmelita's story, and offered to foster her! So she is now safe! Her story shows the importance of fostering/adopting! I mean just look at the photo to the left of how happy she is! Unfortunately though, Carmelita's story isn't rare.   Animal Control unfortunately just can't keep up with the amount of animals coming into their care.  Just today Linda shared Paisley and Elsa (video of them below), one is still a pup, and they're both past their stray hold, and 6 owner surrenders are coming in.  There's also 2 lab pups who need out as well! If you have it in your heart, and the means to do so please consider fostering or adopting.  Both of these things make a huge  impact.

Carmelita is safe, and now looking for her forever home, but she's just one of the many stories from Animal Control. Just like Elsa and Paisley who are a mom and pup pair (although they don't need to stay together), they are in desperate need of a foster or adopter.  If you're interested in fostering or adopting, stop by Evansville Animal Control to adopt, or message Another Chance for Animals!

These two sweet girls below need help now!