Dressing your child for Halloween can be a stressful task. You have to find that delicate balance between age appropriate and something at your kid is going to like. So I decided to hit a few stores to see what was available for the younger crowd. Here is what I learned…

Ready Made is A-Ok

For boys, superhero costumes are all the rage… From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to SpiderMan, and even the new Guardians of the Galaxy. You can’t go wrong with these ready-made costumes.

Girls Aren't So Easy

Girls don’t have it quite as easy as they seem to have a much more limited selection. Now, I will share that some female friends of mine are doing the girl version of super hero costumes, but little girls may not be as into that idea. So you could go with a standard Disney costume or consider the usual available costumes: fairies, princesses, or Dorothy from Wizard of Oz…. Or you can hit up Pinterest and key in “little girl costume DIY,” and there you will find a plethora of creative, cute, and fun costumes that you won’t find in the store. Some of my favorites were Sandy from Grease, Medusa, Frida Khalo, and the most ADORABLE homemade owl costume I think I have ever seen!

Chris March Could Save the Day

You can’t go wrong with Chris March headpieces. These foam creations are hysterical and definitely make a statement (to see more of this year’s Target collection, click here).

Skin Suits Are So 2000 and Late

Skin suits aren’t very original, and black ones are a safety hazard. So my vote is no on them! They are great for distracting the opposition at sporting events, but for Halloween, stick with something with more character!


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