The last 12 months have put an enormous strain on school corporations everywhere, and the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) is certainly no exception. The heart and soul of our schools, the teachers, have been asked to do things they've never done before - never even thought of doing before. They had to figure out how to keep students properly distanced, and how to keep their classrooms clean and safe. They had to learn to teach virtually, at first to the entire class, and then to a mixture of in-person and at-home students. Those things, plus thinking and worrying about their own family members, and oh yeah, also trying to take care of themselves through all of it.

I say all this to drive home the point that substitute teachers may be more important right now than at any other time in a long time. Teachers need time off every once in a while. It might a day here or there to recharge and destress, or it might be 10 days because a child or family member has been forced to quarantine. Whatever the reason, when they take off, they need to know that a qualified sub can step up and handle things in the classroom.

Have you subbed before, would you like to do it again? Maybe you've considered it for awhile, but just never did anything about it. I'd say no is the perfect time to go for it - the need is definitely there. See the post below from the EVSC Facebook page to learn how to apply.

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