Liberty and I are still riding high and feeling pretty good about ourselves after our fun Mandalorian parody song, "The Child (Do You Hear What I Hear)" - at least, until I saw this masterpiece. Just when you start to think that you're kind of creative and witty and funny, someone on the internet, with may more talent and free time, comes along and smacks you right back down to reality. That's certainly the case with this video.

Thanks to the folks at Nerdist, we get a glimpse of what "The Mandalorian" might look like as a sitcom from the 1990s - I give you "Grogu Pains"...

It's perfect, isn't it? The music (gotta love that sax), the lyrics, the filter, the font, the credits - they are all perfect! The thing I might love the most is three-named child actor portraying the title character - just frigging brilliant. Another masterful touch that tickled me was introducing all the actors by their character names, until you get to Amy Sedaris and Bill Burr towards the end.

In my humble opinion, all other Mandalorian-based parodies just need to stop. If you have one in mind, or you've already started one - just stop. It's not going to be better than this, so you might as well direct your time, effort and resources in a different direction, because "Grogu Pains" wins everything.

The first two seasons of "The Mandalorian" can be seen in their entirety on the Disney + streaming service.

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