It Takes a Village in Evansville is needing help winning a grant, and helping them is super easy!

The Petco Foundation is looking to award rescues for their work, and they can receive up to a $10,000 grant! So how can you help It Takes a Village out?

If you've ever adopted a pet through ITV, post a photo of your pet on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Tag It Takes a Village and @Petcofoundation and use the hashtag #ShelterValentine. You have until Valentine's Day (this Friday) to submit your pet.  Who know your pet could help ITV out, which would be such a cool way to give back to the rescue who helped your pet.

My dog George was adopted through It Takes A Village. I posted him on Twitter.  ITV did a lot for him, when they received him, he had really bad mange.  They treated him, and I'm so grateful that they helped my sweet guy out!

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