The weather we are experiencing right now is more than just 'really cold,' it is dangerously and deadly cold. There is no shortage of people and organizations that could use items that provide warmth. So, while you're stuck inside and maybe doing some cleaning and pitching, here's an idea of what to do with any old blankets, or towels, or robes, or large pieces of fabric that you might be getting rid of. How about you donate them to veterinarian's office or to an animal shelter.

Believe me, I understand that the human need is great, but I imagine you have some warm clothing, or shoes, or sleeping bags you could donate to a homeless shelter. I'm talking about the stuff that might just end up in the trash anyway - I guarantee there's a puppy in a shelter somewhere that would love to curl up on one of your old blankets or towels. And imagine the difference it would make to have a piece of material underneath them in their kennel, instead of a cold, hard floor.

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Just know that most of our animal shelters are non-profits and operate solely on donations from the public. They too can certainly use our help this winter time.

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