Spaying and neutering your pets is the best way to help with the pet overpopulation crisis.  Snipz in Henderson is a low cost spay and neuter initiative to help make sure getting your pet fixed is affordable to everyone.

They released several 2020 spay/neuter dates:

  • February 13th & 27th
  • March 12th & 26th
  • April 2nd, 9th &30th
  • May 28th
  • June 11th & 18th

The fees are as follows:

  • Female dogs up to 100lbs- $65
  • Male dogs up to 100lbs-$55
  • Male cats-$35
  • Female cats-$45
  • If your pet is 6-8 years old, they must do pre-anesthesia blood work which is $30

Space is limited for spay/neuter appointments, so they are on a first come first served basis, so schedule your pets appointment ASAP.  You can schedule by stopping by the Snipz office at 437 First St. Henderson KY 42420 on Thursday January 30th from 7-9AM, for paperwork, and make a $20 down payment.


You can follow the Snipz facebook page for more updates. Here's their official statement on the 2020 dates:


2020 Upcoming spay/neuter dates!!

February 13th & 27th
March 12th & 26th
April 2nd, 9th &30th
May 28th
June 11th & 18th

Space is limited and appointments are on a First come basis so schedule soon!

To schedule an appointment stop by the office on Thursday Jan 30th from 7 to 9 AM for paperwork and $20 CASH per pet downpayment.

Down payments are NON REFUNDABLE in cases of no shows and last minute cancellations

Female dogs $65 - up to 100#
Male dogs $55 - up to 100#
Male cats $35 - Female cats $45

Cats must be in separate secure carriers or humane traps. Cardboard cat carriers are $5 if you do not have one for your cat.
Dogs must be leashed.

Additional services available on day of procedure; the rabies vaccine is $15 and REQUIRED BY LAW if your pet is not rabies current. (age appropriate)
OPTIONAL services; FELV, FVRCP, DH2PP vaccines are $10 each. Microchipping with lifetime registration is only $10, nail trims $5, FIV/FELV/HW Tests $20, heartworm prevention and deworming based on weight. Pets can be altered as young as 8 to 16 weeks old. (Breed and sex based)

Pets six to eight YEARS old require pre-anesthesia blood work at a cost of $30.

Out of county residents can make appointment and down payment by mailing a MONEY ORDER, YOU MUST Include all contact and pet info, the coordinator will contact you to schedule your appointment. At this time we are not accepting down-payments via PayPal.

We are located behind Hardee's at 437 First St. Henderson KY 42420. No income requirements. Open to all Kentucky residents.

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