We've all been there. You're driving around the parking lot of a busy store trying to find a place relatively close to the door so you don't have to walk any farther than you need to, but the only open spots seem like they're a mile away in the back of the lot. Except for those handful of handicap spots just steps away from the entrance. You only need to run in for one or two things, right? What's the harm in using one of those spots for just 10 to 15 minutes? I'll admit, it is tempting. But here in Indiana, as in most states, it is illegal to do if you are not handicapped as Indiana State Police Sergeant Todd Ringle reminded when he shared a story about a woman who decided to take her chances recently.

Sergeant Ringle shared the story on his Facebook page:

In this particular case, and let me be perfectly clear I'm speculating here, it seems the woman in question was perhaps borrowing the car of someone who is handicap and thought she'd take advantage of the "perk" of the closer parking spot even though she herself was not handicap. I'm not saying that's worse than parking in a handicap spot when you have no handicap identification on your vehicle, but it's pretty close in my opinion. In both cases you are taking up a space someone who legitimately needs to be able to park close due to a lack of mobility needs to use.

Sergeant Ringle noted the woman was cited for the illegal parking job, but didn't elaborate on how much the infraction would cost her. For several years, the fine in Indiana was $50 for illegally parking in a handicap spot. However, the state legislature doubled that fine to $100 when they updated the law back in the summer of 2013.

If you have more money than you know what to do with, then by all means, test your luck by parking in a handicap spot. If you don't have $100 to waste, then park in one of the other hundreds of spots in lot. The walk will do you good.

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