Beer lovers rejoice!!! A new study suggests that drinking beer has a positive impact on the brain and actually improves your cognitive thinking.....I knew it!! All of this wonderful news is the result of what scientists have found out about Flavonoids, which are compounds found in plants. Flavonoids are responsible for a lot of things in plants, but they are what make hops taste so bitter and what is the primary ingredient in beer? HOPS....this just keeps getting better and better!!

One flavonoid in particular, xanthohumol, (don't worry, I can't pronounce it either), is found in beer and is the focus of this new study. Xanthohumol was given to mice who showed significant strides in cognitive and spacial memory...more great news, right? Well, this did not occur in older mice who were given the same amount of xanthohumol....bummer.

I know you are probably basking in excitement with this news, but there is a catch. You and I would have to drink just north of 5,600 beers PER DAY for the xanthohumol to have the same effect on our brains. I love beer, but 5,600 bottles??? Not possible, so that must mean bad news, right? Wrong.

The study was conducted with xanthohumol supplements and NOT by feeding vats of beer to mice. Bottom line, beer can be good for your brain and xanthohumol by itself, might be able to be used in the treatment of metabolic syndrome, which commonly occurs in cases of high blood pressure and obesity.

Moderation in beer consumption is still the key to potential benefits, which by the way, can include kidney and bone health, the heart and could possibly reduce cancer risk, but ONLY in moderation.

If you like to drink beer,

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