Back around October of 2021 Great Harvest Bread Company in Evansville announced that unfortunately, they would be selling the bakery.  Shortly after they shut their doors with hopes that someone would buy the bakery.  Fast forward to March of 2022, and we've gotten some good news Great Harvest is opening back up in Evansville!

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Our delicious carb-loaded prayers have been answered.

Or not so carb-loaded if you're more a Low-Carb Whole Grain loaf kinda person.  Either way, Evansville 411 took to Facebook to announce that new signs were spotted on the doors of Great Harvest in Evansville saying they would soon be re-opening around May of 2022.  Evansville 411 posted the following:

Reopening Alert: Great Harvest Bread Co. is reopening in Evansville!
Location: 423 Metro Avenue
According to signs placed inside the building, Great Harvest Bread Co. is scheduled to reopen in early May.
Photo by Wesual Click on Unsplash
Photo by Wesual Click on Unsplash

Looking for a job or just some delicious bread?  Look no further.

Evansville 411 shared a close up of the sign on the door of Great Harvest and the sign reads:
We are excited to be re-opening in early May!
If you are interested in a position at the bakery please go to the following link and apply so that we can reach out to you!

Ready for a Panini!

Photo by jack shingai on Unsplash
Photo by jack shingai on Unsplash
Great Harvest serves up more than delicious loaves of bread, they are also a great local lunch spot.   How do I know?  Welllll I used to actually work for Great Harvest, many, many moons ago.  I worked there my senior year of high school and through part of college.  I made a lot of good friends working there, and also learned how to make a mean panini.  Even after working there, I still would stop in from time to time to get some bread and enjoy a sandwich, so I'm really excited to be able to enjoy lunch there once again.
I am so glad to hear that Great Harvest will once again be a part of the Evansville community, and I'm excited to welcome them back!

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