As of last Thursday, November 5, 2020, 80 out of Kentucky's 120 counties were in the 'Red Zone' for COVID-19. A county 25 or more average daily cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents qualifies as a red zone. Governor Beshear has requested that Kentuckians take COVID-19 seriously, and to follow some updated recommendations for those 80 counties in the red zone. These guidelines should be followed beginning Monday, November 9 through Sunday, November 15, 2020.

The following are guidelines, and not being mandated at this time:

  • Employers allow employees to work from home when possible
  • Non-critical Government offices to operate virtually
  • Reduce in-person shopping; order online or curbside pickup
  • Order take-out; avoid dining in restaurants or bars
  • Prioritize businesses that follow and enforce mask mandate and other guidelines Reschedule, postpone or cancel public and private events
  • Do not host or attend gatherings of any size
  • Avoid non-essential activities outside of your home
  • Reduce overall activity and contacts, and follow existing guidance, including 10 steps to defeat COVID-19

Some of the counties included are:

  • Henderson
  • Daviess
  • Union
  • Webster
  • Hancock
  • Hopkins
  • McLean

Governor Beshear will give another update this afternoon at 4:00P.M.
If you know of any large gatherings or businesses that are no complying to any guidelines or mandates, you can report them to the Kentucky Labor Cabinet.

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