Two things I didn't know about Gordon Ramsay, there are no 'e's in his name and he likes snow. 

I've apparently always been spelling his name wrong whoops! I thought it was 'Ramsey!'

Gordon RAMSAY recently opened up a new restaurant in Chicago and was in town promoting in when we found out he loves the snow.

He told Time Out Chicago, 'we've been dying for snow in England.'

Enough about snow, I know, you want to know about his new hot spot, me too!

Gordon Ramsay Burger opened at the end of last year at the corner of State and Ontario in Chi-town.

You guessed it, burgers reign supreme on the menu, but there are other options too... starting with the kettle chip nachos and beer-battered onion rings, both of which I'd really like to dig into right now.

There are also two 'hot dawgs' on the menu, both featuring ketchup, which Gordon told Time Out... 'If I put it on, I’d be criticized. If I left it off, I’ll still be criticized,' so he went with it. I commend that decision, ketchup is my favorite condiment.

There are eight different burgers on the menu, two milkshakes and three different French fry options and honestly I'd like to drive there right now and try them all. There are two salads too, which I might want to pair with my nachos.

Have you visited Gordon Ramsay Burger yet?

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