If you are a parent of a school-aged child, you need to know the truth about some rumors that are causing chaos in classrooms all over the nation.


What is a Furry?

I must say that I love seeing mascots and characters. In fact a lot of my favorite photos are with costumed characters, but that is different than a 'Furry' or 'Furries'. According to the National Library of Medicine, "Furries are individuals who are especially interested in anthropomorphic or cartoon animals (e.g., Bugs Bunny). They often strongly identify with anthropomorphic animals and create fursonas, identities of themselves as those anthropomorphic animals. Some practice fursuiting, or wearing costumes that resemble anthropomorphic animals." 

Not Furries - Just Costume Fun

Liberty Granted Pig Photo: Bobby G.
Liberty Granted Pig Photo: Bobby G.

National Rumors Spread on Social Media

Evansville is just the latest area to be targeted by the social media rumor that the EVSC has students that come to school as 'Furries'. Several of these rumors have been documented as falsehoods, from MichiganWisconsin, and other school districts.

EVSC Addresses Social Media Rumors

We are very fortunate to have school officials that are very transparent with information. Jason Woebkenberg is the Chief Communication Officer with the Evansville Vanderburgh County School Corporation, and he answers questions and relays information through their social media channels.

Time to address some rumors that seem to be involving schools around the nation, including schools in our own community. Chief Communication Officer Jason Woebkenberg provides clarification in this brief video.

Highlights From Monday's School Board Meeting

Source:[National Library of Medicine]


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