I have to admit that, the older I get, the stairs become more of a problem. The bones, joints, and muscles just don't prance as fast up, or down, the stairs as they used to. Things move a little slower these days. Plus, we both have short legs that have to do twice the work.

But, stairs are something that sometimes, can't be avoided.

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It cracks me up when my dog, Ruby, and I are both trying to climb up the stairs, together. I feel the old girl's pain. We just take our time and groan a little right before the top of the steps. Then, dismount the stairs and proceed like the bosses we are. All the while, keeping our stair struggle secret to ourselves.

Kentucky dog jumps up the stairs instead of walking

When I saw this Kentucky dog just jumping up the stairs, it made me laugh. I know he's doing it because of his short legs and he makes it look effortless. I only wish I could make climbing stairs look that easy.

His aunt took the video.

My sister's dog, Bo, ascended the stairs in his unique way after I brought him home for a walk.

I love it. Can't see myself jumping up, or down, the stairs anymore, but I love watching Bo bunny hop his way to the top.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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