If you've ever spent any time at an animal shelter, you've probably noticed that the dogs basically live on concrete. Rawhide Golf Company in Ft. Branch is working to make dogs more comfortable in animal shelters with mats that have heavy foam backing.

Gibson county Animal Services has been selected to participate in a pilot program called, 'Green Spaces for Dogs'. From the pictures on their Facebook page, it looks like they are working! The mats are able to be cleaned and disinfected.

If you are interested in finding out more about the mats, contact Rawhide 812-753-4554.

These mats are 60 " by 60 " with 1/2 " heavy foam backing

GCAS Has been selected to participate in a Pilot program we are calling Green spaces for Dogs. We will be trying these green mats in our outdoor kennel area and posting pictures, We will also be posting some video in our testing. These mats are 60 " by 60 " with 1/2 " heavy foam backing. We will be testing durability, clean ability and watching the best critics we know Our Friends " The Dogs " This program has been sponsored by our friends at Rawhide Golf Ball Company in Fort Branch, Indiana.