The Franklin Street Events Association is back with another exciting new event that combines two of the things Franklin Street is most known for - music and shopping. As you make your way up and down Franklin Street on Evansville's west side, you will notice there is no shortage of locally owned businesses - and no shortage of places to grab a bite, grab a drink, and listen to some great live music.

Franklin Street Events Association via Facebook
Franklin Street Events Association via Facebook

Franklin Street Events Association

The FSEA puts together a bunch of great events each year, always with two purposes in mind - do something that benefits the consumer/public while at the same time creating more business for all of the amazing retailers on Franklin. A fancier way of saying that is,

Our goal is to improve the quality of life and small businesses for Evansville's patrons by facilitating professional, courteous, and efficient delivery of a variety of small business services; developing partnerships that bridge the gap between the public and private concerns; and enhancing and revitalizing Evansville's beloved Franklin Street.

Rock and Shop 'Till You Drop

The first-ever Rock 'N Shop event is coming up on Saturday, August 27, 2022, and it sounds like it's going to be a great day. Each block on Franklin Street will feature a live, local musician from 12n-2pm, sponsored by the business owners on Franklin - and during that time, those retailers will offer some special sales and promotions to shoppers.

Franklin Street Rock N Shop
Franklin Street Events Association via Facebook

Give Me the Beat Boys...

Here are the talented musicians that will be playing during Rock 'N Shop and where to find them on Franklin Street.

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The fun doesn't end at 2pm though - head over to Franklin Street Pizza Factory for a little after party including delicious pies and more live music on their patio.

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