Can you help out Boswell?!  

It Takes a Village
It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village is a no kill rescue, however some of the shelters they partner with do have to euthanize for space. .So they try their best to pull as many dogs as possible to their shelter, but unfortunately there's just not enough space, so they made a desperate plea on Facebook.

Boswell is about a 5 year old chocolate lab mix. He came to a shelter covered in green pain, and was never reclaimed. Unfortunately for Boswell he is heartworm positive and the shelter he is currently at does not have the funds to treat Boswell.  It Takes a Village has stepped up and will pay to treat Boswell's heartworm, however they do not have any space for him. They need an emergency foster for Boswell.

Meet Boswell. This might be Boswell's last photo. Boswell is going to be euthanized this week at a partner shelter. He is heartworm positive and the shelter cannot afford to treat him. Boswell's vet bills will be about $700-$1000. We are happy to pay those bills, but we can't save Boswell because we have no space for him. We desperately need a foster home in order to save Boswell's life. If you have ever considered fostering to literally save a life, NOW is the time. Please complete a foster application at so we can rescue this sweet boy. This can't be his last week to live!! Please help us save Boswell and share - someone out there has room in their home for him.Info from the shelter - Boswell is a chocolate lab mix. He was brought in as a stray covered in green paint and never reclaimed. He is 5+, unaltered, strong hw positive. He has been great with all other dogs and is a good boy that deserves a chance. (NOTE: Heartworms are not contagious, he just needs a quiet place to recover after heartworm treatment. We are located in Evansville, IN.)


If you would like to foster Boswell, please submit an application here.  I know this is hard to see, but it's the unfortunate reality of the pet overpopulation crisis. If Boswell gets fostered, just know there's others waiting for that same chance, so if you're in a position to foster or adopt, please consider doing so!

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