The Vanderburgh Humane Society sure is proud of their former resident, Chunk! 

Vanderburgh Humane Society Facebook
Vanderburgh Humane Society Facebook

The Vanderburgh Humane Society took in a black lab they named Chunk last year. They said Chunk had a ball drive like they've never seen before. Ball drive, means the dog will go after a ball, and even if it's out of sight they will work hard until they find it. His ball drive along with his high energy meant Chunk would be a bit harder to find his perfect home, but he found it with an EPD handler!

Check out what they said about Chunk on the VHS Facebook page:

More than a year ago, we received a black Lab named Chunk who had one of the most determined ball drives we'd ever seen. That plus his energy level made him a slightly more difficult adoption for the average family. We knew he would likely make a good police dog, so we contacted the Evansville Police Department to assess him.

The K9 officers were initially very pleased with Chunk's performance, so they fostered him to do some further training. As it turns out, he did indeed make a great police dog -- he was adopted by an EPD handler and is still in training to become a bomb detection dog!

Congratulations, Chunk and family! He's a great example of how even shelter dogs can become valued members of law enforcement, and how collaborations like this one between VHS and EPD can save lives!

Good boy Chunk!!


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