It Takes a Village recently took in 13 cats total, 11 kittens, and 2 adults who were found  dumped at Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife area.  The cats are in pretty rough shape with eye infections, as well as upper respiratory infections. They would like to also remind you that dumping animals is an illegal, and unsafe option. These kittens could have easily fallen prey to all kinds of wildlife. Thankfully that wasn't the case for these lucky kittens.  Remember Warrick and Vanderburgh counties both have open intake Animal Controls, and will take in animals.  It's a much better option than dumping them.

As you can imagine the vet bills for this many cats and kittens under the weather are piling up, please help if you can by making a donation to It Takes a Village to help with their care.

Here's what ITV said about the cats they took in:

We received notice early this morning about cats and kittens dumped at Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Area. We have taken in 13 individuals (2 adults, 11 kittens). They’re obviously in poor condition with upper respiratory and eye infections. We are asking for donations toward their vet care and looking for fosters that either have no cats or can keep separate until treatment has been completed.

As a reminder, Warrick and Vanderburgh counties both have open intake Animal Controls, which is surely a better option than being abandoned in an area with coyotes, bobcats, and cars.

Donations can also be made through our website or paypal

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