It Takes a Village is heading to Spencer County where currently there is no animal shelter. 

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It Takes a Village has been a part of Evansville for the better part of a decade now. They have a location on Stockwell Road, and are committed to giving as many animals as possible a second chance.  Now they're adding a second location in Spencer County.

As you may remember in October of 2018 Spencer County Animal Shelter closed it's doors after allegations of abuse. You can read more about that here. Since the shelter's closure ITV has had an influx of animals come in from the Spencer county area, so they decided what better way to help than adding a location in Spencer County.

Here's what ITV said via Facebook:

BIG NEWS!! ITV is opening a second location in Spencer County!! See below for the press release!!

A local 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue announced plans to open an animal shelter in Spencer County, which currently does not have an operating animal shelter. It Takes A Village N0-Kill Rescue, Inc. (ITV) is one of the largest animal rescues in the region, averaging about 150 animals in its care. ITV has been assisting the animals of Spencer County for almost 9 years, but saw a significant increase in requests for help after the Spencer County Animal Control facility closed in October 2018. ITV has been taking in an increased number of dogs and cats from Spencer County since the facility closed last fall. Most of the animals ITV has taken in have been in dire conditions due to lack of animal services in the county. ITV has received multiple reports of animals being shot or abandoned because of the few options available for animal services in Spencer County.

The Spencer County Animal Control Board and Spencer County Commissioners have tentatively approved ITV operating from the former Animal Control facility and for the county to provide marginal funding for ITV to operate a facility in Spencer County. ITV has been working with Dr. Kevin Kennedy and his staff at Hilltop Veterinary Services for almost 9 years. Since the closing of the shelter, the partnership has grown even stronger as Dr. Kennedy’s staff has seen a significant influx in the number of homeless animals in Spencer County. Dr. Kennedy will continue as ITV’s vet in Spencer County. Plans are underway to open the facility as soon as possible, but not later than Fall 2019.
ITV attorneys Susan Odoyo and Neal Anderson have been negotiating the terms of the agreement with Spencer County for many months. At the last ITV Board of Directors meeting on July 11, the Board approved moving forward with opening the Spencer County facility.

ITV is a no-kill organization dedicated to doing what it takes to find loving homes for stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals, and to keep these animals safe and free from further suffering. ITV would like to express its thanks to the following people for supporting this project: Dr. Kevin Kennedy, the Spencer County Animal Control Board, the Spencer County Commissioners, Attorney Jeff Lindsey and, most importantly, the dedicated residents of Spencer County who have been helping homeless animals in Spencer County.

Best of luck ITV, and thank you for all you do for homeless animals in the Tri-State!

Of course if you'd like to help ITV, you can make a charitable donation to them, here! And if you're considering fostering or adopting, ITV has many furry friends to choose from!

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