Evansville Police Detective, Nathan Schroer, found out he will battle leukemia for the second time after being in remission for nine years. Schroer has spent his life supporting his community, but now it’s time his community supports him. Nathan is known for his work with victims at Holly's House, his detective work with the E.P.D., and his pastor services at Northwoods Church. He is a loving husband and father of 3.

A man who fights to protect his community, now sees his community fight for him. "The firemen, the police, just a lot of people are really seriously interested in what they can do to help him," says Executive Pastor Ed Collins. "We are all here to support him, and it's not just us, it's the community, the police department, the fire department, local businesses. Everybody is just coming around alongside our church to just give them support and love during this time," says friend Jenni Mathes.

We will be doing a live remote for the Evansville Enforcers semi pro football team this Saturday, June 15 on 106.1 KISS FM from Enlow Field. The Enforcers will take on the Owensboro Wildcats and a portion of the ticket sales will go to benefit the family of Detective Nathan Schroer. The Evansville Enforcers 2013 season is sponsored by Unity Taxi.

If you cannot make it to the game but would like to help support Schroer and his family, you can like his Facebook page "schroerstrong," and take donations to Northwoods Church, Ohio Valley Bank or the Evansville Police Department.

Orange is the color of leukemia, and also Nathan’s favorite, so come on out to the game and wear your brightest orange. Let’s show Nathan who we’re really cheering for.

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