They say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," but for one Evansville business, someone else's pests are their sweet reward.

Two good friends of mine, Mark Decamps and Chad Elfreich, became interested in making their own honey nearly a year ago, but were missing one key ingredient — bees. After a little research, and the purchase of proper bee keeping paraphernalia (hives, suits, etc.), Evansville Bee Removal was born.

Decamps created a Facebook page for the upstart company to get the word out that they were more than happy to remove bothersome swarms that had set up shop on individual's properties free of charge. Since they began, they've removed swarms from trees (pictured, above), under trailers, and inside walls.

Once the bees have been corralled safely, they take them to their personal hives where the insects get back to work creating sweet, delicious, healthy honey.

If you or someone you know has a bothersome swarm they need to have removed, message Evansville Bee Removal through their Facebook page.

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