Evansville Animal Control is in urgent need of people to foster or adopt to open up kennels before the 4th of July. 

Callie is one of the many dogs needing an urgent foster or adopter! (photo by Another Chance for Animals)

Pictured above is Callie, she's one of the many dogs who need an urgent foster!

Did you know that more pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year?  That's because fireworks are scary to our pets, and when they get scared, they bolt. Unfortunately that means the days around the 4th of July our shelters fill up faster than ever.

Evansville Animal Control is already filling up and they're in depserate need of people to foster or adopt the animals currently in there. They need to open up kennels to help with the influx of pets they are about to get.

You can stop by Animal Control anytime to look around, maybe you'll find just the dog or cat you've been looking for! And if you aren't in a place to adopt right now, maybe fostering is right for you? You give the dog or cat a safe, comfy place to crash, and pay for food. Their vetting and everything else is covered by the rescue until they can find them a permanent home.

You can stop by Animal Control anytime during regular business hours, Monday-Saturday 10A-5P (this week hours may be different due to Thursday being a holiday), they're located at 815 Ulhorn in Evansville. If you are interested in fostering, contact Another Chance for Animals, they will help get you started.

And remember make sure your pets are safe this 4th of July. We've got a bunch of great tips for keeping pets calm and safe, here.