The Evansville Animal Control is doing it's best to keep above water, but their kennels are currently full, and more dogs are still coming in.

Gucci is one of the many dogs who needs a foster/adopter ASAP!
Gucci is one of the many dogs who needs a foster/adopter ASAP! (photo credit: Another Chance for Animals)

Gucci (pictured above) was an owner surrender at Animals control.  Gucci is one of the many dogs needing an adopter or foster ASAP.

Another Chance for Animals has reached out to Facebook with a desperate plea for Fosters or Adopters! If you've ever considered fostering or adopting an animal, now is definitely the time to do that.  This is the sad reality of animal rescue, if the kennels are full, space has to be made, and unfortunately for some that means euthanasia.

If you are in a position to help, consider fostering or adopting. Evansville Animal control always has dogs up for adoption who are looking for their forever homes. Another option is if you can't take on the long term commitment and costs that come with owning a pet, you can help by fostering through Another Chance for Animals.

Here's what Another chance for Animals had to say:

11 Dogs past their Stray Holds! ALL KENNELS ARE FULL, and dogs are still coming in!! We need to move some out! Heres how you can help:
1.ADOPT: All animals from Evansville Animal Care & Control (Official) can be adopted! Stop by and See all the great Dogs and Cats looking for a second Chance
2. FOSTER: We are always looking for new fosters!! Its super easy and rewarding! We cover all the needed vet bills, and all its cost you is time, space in your home, and food! Message our page and we can get you set up with a volunteer.
3. SHARE: Cant foster or adopted right now... That's OK! Share this post so all these dogs can find their second chances!
4. MISSING A PET?: Please is you are missing a pet, stop by Evacc and see if they are there!!

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